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The Process

WiseWork can assist you in getting your next role with a top employer in Greater Vancouver.  Finding a job is a difficult task, however working with WiseWork they provide Exemplary Candidate-Focused Service, Credible Practice, and Subject-Matter Expertise.

Upload a resume

We make it our primary objective to communicate with each applicant to find out about their needs and how we can best serve them. Please submit a resume to with “WiseWork Job Opportunities” in the subject line, and in the body of the email indicate which area or role you are interested in.

If you require further assistance,  please email us at and we will have a WiseWork team member follow-up with you within 2-3 business days of your submission.

How it works

After submitting a resume to us, we will have a WiseWork team member with you to learn more about your educational background and work experience so we can find an opportunity that is the best fit for you.


If we find a role that is a fit for you, we will provide you with the resources to support you in your job interview with the employer. WiseWork is there to assist you from the point of contact to finding the right role, and the final job offer if you are the successful candidate.

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